Thursday, September 12, 2013

FlightStats API used in upcoming THack San Francisco coming September 19th.

Tnooz brings developers and travel brands together at the upcoming THack San Francisco on September 19th.  The hack will feature two tracks: products (coded hack) and conceptual (concept hack). FlightStats APIs are among the nine featured in the hackathon.

  • Coded Hack - developers have ten days to pull together a hack for the showcase. Developers will have three specific travel problems (noted below) to solve. Potential prize: $2,000.
  • Concept Hack - developers and others can pitch an idea for a new multi-API hack. Potential prize: $1,000.

Problems to be solved:
  1. Breakaway or stayaway - create a service to give a traveller options for a three-day break anywhere from San Francisco by air or visiting a tourist spot within California.
  2. Friend on the road - using mobile as the interface, develop a service to assist users on the days they travel from A to B.
  3. Inspire me! - images, videos, tips and more, showcase what California has to offer the tourist and how they might get there.
  4. The ultimate hack - use every API on offer and see what comes out the other side!
Developers interested in participating should contact Tnooz edtor Kevin May to confirm participation. 

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