Monday, August 5, 2013

GE FlightQuest 2 - Enter today and optimize flight!

Do you have what it takes to change the future of flight? 
Airlines are constantly looking for ways to make flights more efficient? From gate conflicts to operational challenges to air traffic management, the dynamics of a flight can change quickly and lead to costly delays.
Commercial airlines spend 22 billion dollars a year on managing flight plan efficiency.

There is good news. Advancements in real-time big data analysis are changing the course of flight management, as we know it. Imagine if the pilot could augment their decision-making process with “real time business intelligence,” —information available in the cockpit that would allow them to adjust and improve their flight patterns.

On the heels of GE's FlightQuest 1, where the winning team's algorithm managed to improve the prediction of estimated flight times by 40% over the standard industry benchmarks, GE seeks again to build upon those high reaching results. The winning predictive algorithms from the first phase will be used to create a simulation in the second phase of the Quest with the ultimate goal of GE developing an onboard flight management application.

The second phase of Flight Quest is a challenge to recommend the best flight strategy for flights already in the air - recommending the best route to reduce cost, avoid bad weather, and get to destinations on time. Better decisions in flight mean passengers can plan their days better, ground crews have less wait time, and flights consume less fuel.

The competition will feature comprehensive flight status information, positional, and airport weather data from FlightStats for data scientists to leverage in their quest to optimize flight planning efficiency.

"FlightStats is delighted to be a data partner with GE's FlightQuest2 competition. Technology advancements that optimize flight operations will contribute to airlines’ overall success and will greatly benefit the entire aviation ecosystem," said FlightStats CEO, Tod Hutchinson." 
Watch the video to learn more about the competition powered by Kaggle or visit GE's FlightQuest 2 site to get started. GE has committed a prize pool of $250,000 winners of Phase 2.

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