Tuesday, June 18, 2013

3scale interviews David White about Flightstats APIs

Picture of David White, Chief Customer Officer at FlightStats

Interview with David White, FlightStats Chief Customer Officer. In this role, David works with key customers, content providers, and channel partners, and insures all are properly represented in product and development plans.


APIs are a key infrastructure component for online businesses – powering mobile applications, partnership programs and innovation. Increasingly, as many businesses become more software driven, having a well-managed API available to customers and partners is becoming key to success in the marketplace. That is why FlightStats chose 3scale as its API platform enabling FlightStats to securely open, control, manage, operate and monetize APIs to 3rd parties (e.g. developers, business partners, etc).

APIs have been a core part of our business since 2003. We’ve built FlightStats around providing day-of-travel data and services to the travel industry. APIs are the primary delivery mechanism. - David White 

Q.  Tell us more about FlightStats APIs

A. FlightStats aggregates data from many sources to provide the most complete global coverage of commercial airline flight information. With FlightStats® Flex APIs you slice and dice the data the way you want. The APIs are powerful, precise and concise. They are designed for ease of use with REST, supporting JSON, JSONP, XML formats as well as SOAP. FlightStats® Flex APIs can receive replies to their API requests in English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, German, and French.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Monetizing Mobile Applications

Michael Jurewitz posted an excellent series on app store economics and strategies for making money from mobile applications on his blog at http://jury.me/blog/2013/3/31/understanding-app-store-pricing-part-1

The five-part series covers everything from price elasticity to analysis on the kinds of apps for which people will pay good money.  If you want to generate more income from your mobile efforts, be sure to read Michael's posts.

You can find them here.