Friday, December 21, 2012

FlightStats reflects on a busy 2012 and prepares to really take off in 2013

2012 was a busy year at FlightStats. We will conclude this year with 40% year-over-year growth in our data services business, we've grown our staff by 25% (we're currently hiring), and our plans to better serve the travel marketplace with data services and direct-to-consumer services have significantly evolved. 

Laying foundations for the future
Much of this year was spent on laying the foundation for future growth and services. We created a new developer center on the 3Scale Platform to make it easier for customers to use, offer more granularity in pricing, provide better tracking of services, and better documentation for developers. 

Upgraded Core APIs that offer the most complete data 
This year, in addition to providing the most complete international flight data, FlightStats completely revised the suite of APIs with the goal of making them easier to use. FlightStats incorporated features such as more robust positional information in the Flight Status and Track API, enhanced the data responses with UTC times, and upline/downline flights. We also embraced a RESTful interface by providing API responses in JSON and JSONP. In June we launched the beta and after getting great feedback, in August we released the production version of the FlightStats Flex APIs.

Partnerships to offer best available service
FlightStats has partnered with industry leaders to provide customers with the best in travel information and services. We've partnered with Innovata to provide global schedules data for the new FlightStats Flex Schedules/Connections API,  we've partnered with AirNav to supplement our global positional data used in our FlightStatus and Track API and we've partnered with masFlight to offer the best historical data and analytics.

Continuing Innovation
FlightStats is continually adding innovative features and APIs to its suite of web services. This year we've added the Weather API, packaging weather data in structured easy-to-use formatted versions of the standard METAR and TAF raw data formats. FlightStats has also added multilingual support for API responses, to support companies who support international travelers. Most recently, we've launched the beta for the Alerts API.

On the Horizon
In 2013 look for FlightStats to add to its suite of APIs with a new FIDS API and a configurable widget. Additionally, we will be adding more languages to our API responses, and we will be developing new data feeds among other data services. In 2013, FlightStats will also significantly enhance its direct-to-consumer offerings with new apps and new functionality. Stay tuned....

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