Wednesday, November 14, 2012

FlightStats Offers API Responses in Multiple Languages

New FlightStats® Flex APIs will deliver translated flight status, flight schedule and airport information.

Developers using the new FlightStats® Flex APIs can receive replies to their API requests in Simplified Chinese. FlightStats is starting with Simplified Chinese and will offer German and Japanese language support by mid-December. Also on the roadmap are French, Spanish, Russian, and Brazilian Portuguese.

FlightStats® Flex APIs deliver translated flight status responses and flight schedules data, along with airport names, countries, cities, and street addresses. Developers will be able to specify the language they prefer by simply appending a optional parameter to the query and will receive the translated response in their choice of XML or JSON. All of FlightStats services follow the same pattern, so to request localization simply add the following optional parameter to the query:


“We have many customers with a global user base and are supplying data to customers in over 120 different countries.” said FlightStats CEO, Jeff Kennedy. "Translating the data responses makes the applications powered by our global flight data more user-friendly and gives our customers the tools to expand their addressable market and to better support travelers worldwide.”

Mobile applications, automotive telematics, website applications, and digital signage in airports and hotels are some use cases where having localized data responses will be very powerful.

Developers can test this functionality at the FlightStats Developer Center.

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