Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Q3 2012 Data Enhancements

FlightStats strives to deliver the most timely, accurate, and contextually relevant travel information available to our customers.

In Q3 2012, the FlightStats data operations team worked on 71 customer requests related to fixing bugs and making various coverage improvements.

Improved Airline Coverage

  • Air India (AI), AirAsia (JW), Avanti (ATV), Cayman (KX), Cimber AS (QI), Delta (DL), easyJet (U2), El Al (LY), estelar (E4), Etihad (EY), Germanwings (4U), Hainan (HU), Hamburg Airways (HK), Hawaiian (HA), Helitt (H9), Jet Airways (9W), JetBlue (B6), JetStar (JQ), Lufthansa (LH), Mongolian (MR), Northern (NC), Philippine (PR), Polska (3Z), Spirit (NK), Swiss (LX), Syphax (FS), Tarco (TRQ), Thai (TG), Thomson (TOM), Turkish (TK), VietJet (VJ), WestJet (WS)

Improved Airport Coverage

  • Almaty (ALA), Bollon (BSL), Brisbane (BNE), Brussels (BRU), Cagliari (CAG), Christchurch (CHC), Ciampino (CIA), Geneva (GVA), Grand Forks (GFK), Ibiza (IBZ), Jakarta (CGK), La Guardia (LGA), Las Vegas (LAS), Lisbon (LIS), Olbia (OLB), Pori (POR), Shenandoah (SHD), Youngstown (YNG)

If you have other data enhancement requests, please submit them to the FlightStats Help Desk.

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