Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Flight Disruption Heat Map - Cool way to use FlightStats Data

Hurricane Sandy has clearly packed a serious punch on air travel in the US. Thus far it has grounded 19,574 flights and counting since Saturday, October 27th.

Capturing and reporting real-time flight cancellation and delays information is a key service that FlightStats data can help companies serving travelers provide. The heat map is an example of what an animation of Hurricane Sandy's impact on airports in the US and is a creative way to use FlightStats data.

 This animated map shows -- in red -- flight delays and cancelations at US airports due to Hurricane Sandy. The delay data is provided by and the weather is from US NWS ground radar. This video includes Friday evening through Tuesday midnight.

FlightStats Weather API Transitions to Production November 1

Changes are afoot for the FlightStats Weather API.  As of  November 1, 2012, the Weather API will move to production status. Production status means three things to those who have been using the Weather API Beta:

  1. The API is considered stable for development. No compatibility-breaking changes will be introduced from this point forward.
  2. FlightStats is offering the Weather API for free during the month of November.
  3. Requests against the Weather API will incur fees starting on December 1, 2012, according to your pricing plan with FlightStats. Standard pricing (Commercial and Limited Plans) will be as follows:

Number of requests (per month): 1–1,000,000 1,000,001–3,000,000 >3,000,000
Price per request ($USD): 0.0030 0.0025 0.0020

Read about the FlightStats Flex Weather API to learn more details about the API or visit the FlightStats developer center.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Q3 2012 Data Enhancements

FlightStats strives to deliver the most timely, accurate, and contextually relevant travel information available to our customers.

In Q3 2012, the FlightStats data operations team worked on 71 customer requests related to fixing bugs and making various coverage improvements.

Improved Airline Coverage

  • Air India (AI), AirAsia (JW), Avanti (ATV), Cayman (KX), Cimber AS (QI), Delta (DL), easyJet (U2), El Al (LY), estelar (E4), Etihad (EY), Germanwings (4U), Hainan (HU), Hamburg Airways (HK), Hawaiian (HA), Helitt (H9), Jet Airways (9W), JetBlue (B6), JetStar (JQ), Lufthansa (LH), Mongolian (MR), Northern (NC), Philippine (PR), Polska (3Z), Spirit (NK), Swiss (LX), Syphax (FS), Tarco (TRQ), Thai (TG), Thomson (TOM), Turkish (TK), VietJet (VJ), WestJet (WS)

Improved Airport Coverage

  • Almaty (ALA), Bollon (BSL), Brisbane (BNE), Brussels (BRU), Cagliari (CAG), Christchurch (CHC), Ciampino (CIA), Geneva (GVA), Grand Forks (GFK), Ibiza (IBZ), Jakarta (CGK), La Guardia (LGA), Las Vegas (LAS), Lisbon (LIS), Olbia (OLB), Pori (POR), Shenandoah (SHD), Youngstown (YNG)

If you have other data enhancement requests, please submit them to the FlightStats Help Desk.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

FlightStats gives its Mobile Website a Facelift

The team at FlightStats released a new mobile website interface. It offers a much richer user experience on smartphones.  The new site provides  improved navigation and access to the essential flight and airport information you need most - including the next flight out feature.

Check out the new FlightStats mobile site.

FlightStats and masFlight Partner to Integrate Real-time Flight Status Data into Aviation Analysis Tools

Combining FlightStats' global coverage and masFlight's
analytic solutions will help airlines and
airports to reduce delays and improve performance.

Airlines and airports gain access to global, real-time flight data to understand real-time performance of their operations.

FlightStats, Inc. the industry-leading publisher of global flight tracking and airport information services, has partnered with masFlight, a pioneer in aviation operations analysis, to integrate FlightStats’ real-time, global operational flight and airport data into masFlight’s analysis platform for airlines and airports worldwide.

This partnership will expand the breadth and depth of real-time flight status data in masFlight’s aviation data platform. masFlight’s solutions enable airlines and airports to visualize, measure and improve their own operational performance and benchmark against competitors. This information is critical for improving operations, managing flight disruptions, increasing schedule reliability, reducing delays and finding new cost efficiencies. Airlines and airports using masFlight will also gain access to FlightStats’ extensive archive of airline and airport data.

"FlightStats’ multi-source data is the most complete real-time operational flight information available, and we are delighted to partner with masFlight," said FlightStats CEO, Jeff Kennedy. "Together, our global coverage and analytic solutions will help airlines and airports to reduce delays, improve performance, and to better serve the public.”

Airlines and airports use the masFlight platform to identify the root causes of operational issues, benchmark their performance against competitors, analyze performance by marketing partners, alliances, and operating carriers, and conduct analysis of weather conditions, airport terminal facilities and runway operations. masFlight and FlightStats provide global solutions with coverage and capability across all six continents.

“The masFlight platform is a revolutionary tool for airlines and airports. We depend on the best and most accurate data partners,” said Josh Marks, masFlight CEO. “FlightStats has incredible capability to collect real-time flight information around the world. Our partnership with FlightStats will significantly enhance our coverage and help airlines and airports worldwide address operational challenges.”

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Using maps in your apps. FlightStats' Wm Leler presents at SotM and NACIS conference

Maps are quintessential tools in travel apps, especially mobile ones. If you happen to be in Portland, come listen to FlightStats developer Wm Leler deliver presentations about finding alternatives to Google Maps and developing powerful mapping applications with open source tools. Wm will also be demonstrating the new FlightStats airport tracker map at the NACIS conference.

Saturday, October 13th - Open Street Map State of the Map

When Google Maps Gives you Lemons, Make Lemonade. 

Register for State of the Map

Google Maps has long been the choice for embedding maps on your website or building map mashups. But Google Maps is a closed, proprietary solution, and Google's announcement that they will start charging for maps (or including ads on maps) has people looking at other options.

This talk surveys the leading open source and free alternatives to Google Maps, and finds that many of them provide significant advantages. It will also cover various sources of free maps, including dozens based on OSM data. It will discuss how a major user of Google Maps switched over to open source alternatives.

Thursday, October 18th - NACIS 

When Google Maps Gives you Lemons, Make Lemonade

This presentation will be similar to the talk of the same name delivered at the State of the Map conference, but will be oriented toward a more general audience and will serve as an introduction to the longer course that will also be delivered at NACIS.

Saturday, Oct 20th - NACIS

Powerful Mapping Web Applications with Open Source Tools

Register for the North American Cartographic Information Society Conference

This half day course runs from 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm and is instructed by Wm Leler of FlightStats, Inc. and Mele Sax-Barnett of TriMet. Attendees will need to bring their own laptop and the course is limited to 30 participants. 

Attendees will receive an overview of Mapping APIs and instruction on open source solutions. In this course, you'll build a map in Leaflet and add data layers. Participants will learn how to edit OpenStreetMap (OSM) with Potlatch. OSM data downloading using QGIS, tiling, and data handling instruction will also be covered. 

Comfort with writing HTML. JavaScript and jQuery familiarity will be helpful. A list of recommended applications to be installed before attending the workshop will be provided.