Thursday, September 6, 2012

What's New & How to use FlightStats Flex APIs


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What's New 

FlightStats recently launched its next generation Flex APIs. This suite of APIs incorporates the following enhancements:
  • Positional data. The FlightStats Flex APIs features new ways to query, deeper tracking, and a richer data model, all at a reasonable price.
  • Improved data. Flight status information is enhanced and extended.
  • RESTful interface. We now give customers the choice to use JSON and JSONP making it easier to develop AJAX style applications while continuing to offer XML and SOAP.
  • Flexible usage model. We give customers access to premium APIs without a written contract.
  • Documentation. The documentation includes easy-to-use test clients.
  • Analytics. The new API management system gives customers a better way to track their usage.
We believe developers will find the new Flex APIs easy to use in their applications and the multi-sourced data we aggregate more complete, timely and accurate than any other available in the industry. 
In addition to launching the new APIs, FlightStats has also launched a new developer center to make the process easier. Following are some handy reference links to help developers get started.

Read a more complete blog post from FlightStats CTO, Steve Wilson, What's new with FlightStats Flex APIs.

How to use FlightStats Flex APIs 

  1. How to Use the Flex APIs outlines conventions common to all the Flex APIs. We recommend you review this document before delving into the documentation for individual APIs.
  2. How to use the Documentation outlines how to use both the Interactive Documentation and the Flex API Quick Reference.
  3. Flex API Quick Reference, provides a brief overview of all the Flex APIs, with links into the API-specific documentation. 
  4. Release Notes are also available for periodic updates.

How to use the FlightStats Developer Center  

The Developer Center serves two purposes.  First, it delivers product information and provides interactive access to FlightStats Flex APIs.  Second, the Developer Center allows our customers to manage their accounts (users, subscriptions, authentication, billing, and so on).  To learn more about how to use the FlightStats Developer Center, review the Developer Center Guide.

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