Friday, August 31, 2012

FlightStats is hiring!

Ever fly anywhere and have a disruption? Our guess is that you have, and you know just how frustrating it is. 
FlightStats aims to provide data to travelers and the industries that serve them so that the inevitable travel disruptions can be fixed on the fly.

FlightStats, the leading provider of day-of-travel data services and applications to the travel industry is looking to recruit some fine people to its amazing team.  We have two positions available:

Data Services Unit: Software Developer
The Data Services Unit of the company delivers real-time global flight and airport data services that powers many of the world's most popular travel applications.

We're looking for a high-performing Software Developer to join the Data Services team. This individual should be someone who can contribute in many areas ranging from improving legacy code to conceiving new ways to solve challenging data problems. Outstanding candidates will possess a multi-disciplinary background and excel in problem solving.

View complete job description: FlightStats Data Software Developer 

Traveler Services Unit: User Experience Designer - Portland, OR

The company's Traveler Services Unit provides web and mobile applications to the FlightStats community, helping travelers to better manage their travel day. FlightStats' data is seen by millions of people each month, and the company is constantly evolving to offer the best worldwide alerting and tracking services to travelers, and the agencies and developers who serve them.Tr

We're looking for an experienced User Experience Designer to join the FlightStats Traveler Services team. This individual will be our User Experience expert, with responsibility for the design of user experience structures. This includes participating in defining functional interaction requirements, developing prototypes and working closely with the development team to implement designs.

View complete job description: FlightStats User Experience Designer 

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